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Of everything you currently have in life, what could you not live without? It’s little thought exercises like this that can help us to appreciate and be grateful for the things we have, and help us stop worrying about all the things we don’t have. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing we would just be happier if we had more money, or we could run so much faster with new shoes, but this is typically not the case; the only thing which will help you run faster, is to practice running.

One of the reasons for this “newer is always better” fallacy, is because we build things up in our minds. When we find out about something now, we tend to picture it as being perfect, while only seeing the flaws in what we already have. This makes sense, surely the newer iteration has built upon the flaws of it’s predecessor? Though, this does not mean the newer item is not without it’s own flaws, and reminding ourselves of this is a great way to break this pattern of thinking, and allow ourselves to appreciate what we already have.

Presented in this article are a couple things you can do to help be more grateful. The first one is to be in contact with the present moment. Being aware of what is currently going on around us, rather than focussing on the future or the past, can help us to draw an accurate picture of what we do have. Sometimes, we can find ourselves imagining our lives the way we think they are, rather than how they actually are. Practising techniques such as mindfulness and meditation, among many others, can really help us to focus on the present moment. In fact, we actually have another article dedicated entirely to this idea on our website, taking time out to be present.

By allowing yourself to be present, you can start to notice the little things you’re grateful for each day and a great way to help you appreciate your life is to write these little things down at the end of every day. This will help you to focus on the positive aspects of your life, as well as being a great tool to look back on when you’re feeling down. By doing these few simple things, you’ll be able to get away from the idea the grass is always greener, and start to appreciate all of the things you currently have in your life.

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