You do not need a referral to make an appointment at Baypsych.  You have the option of receiving psychological treatment as a private client.  Alternatively you can be referred by a General Practitioner in which case you will be entitled to Medicare rebates for your treatment.

If you would like to get a referral so you can claim Medicare rebates for your treatment, make an appointment with your GP to discuss the issues or problem you have been dealing with and let them know you would like to see a psychologist for help with your situation.

Your GP will make an assessment of your situation and will then raise a Mental Health Care Plan.  Bring a copy of your referral letter and/or mental health care plan with you to your first appointment so you can receive the rebate after your first session.  Please note that you can choose the psychologist that you want to treat you, and it is acceptable to advise your GP if you have a preferred Psychologist to provide your treatment.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and have a health care card, your GP may, at his or her discretion refer you to a psychologist under the ATAPs program, which will not incur a fee for you.

At Baypsych we also see DVA clients, WorkCover clients, and many clients that are referred by a variety of agencies and organisations.

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