clock-650753_640There are no set ‘rules’ for how often you would see your psychologist.  The number and frequency of visits to your psychologist will depend on your circumstances.

Some issues may only require 2 or 3 sessions – for example, you may have a particular issue that you want help in resolving and find that you only need one or two sessions to come to a resolution.

At Baypsych our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to understand and manage your issues independently without the need for long term intervention. How long this takes depends on the issues you are bringing to treatment, and what benefit you feel you are gaining from the sessions.

Typically most clients attend weekly or fortnightly for the first few sessions.  This enables you and your psychologist to get an understanding of your situation and implement some strategies for you to work on.  As you make progress, sessions will often reduce to monthly intervals for a period of time, and then intermittent follow up sessions (if required) as you feel you need them. Once you have an understanding of your presenting problem, and have developed skills and strategies, you will know how often you would like to attend.

Sometimes clients find that they get ongoing benefits from the sessions, and they might attend for a longer period. It is not uncommon for clients to find they want to come to treatment for extended periods of time, finding support and containment in their treatment sessions. Generally speaking, people continue to attend treatment whilst they feel they are gaining benefit from it. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions required, and you are free to book from session to session

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