Psychology services delivered via the internet

How does Skype Counselling work?

woman-at-home-video-chatting-with-her-boyfriendAt Baypsych, we believe that access to counselling should be available to each and every person as they navigate life.  Whether you are seeking support in making a life changing decision, needing someone to discuss your relationship or personal problems with, or are seeking help with a diagnosed mental health issue, we are available via Skype to provide quality psychological services.

Skype counselling is live on the internet via a web cam and computer monitor/tablet.  Anyone who has access to the internet can download the SKYPE program from the internet.  This program is free to use for internet to internet calls and the quality of counselling is the same as face to face.

Skype counselling may be appropriate for you if:

  • You live in a remote area and find it difficult to access a psychologist
  • You are physically unwell or injured and unable to leave the house
  • You are a shift worker and find it difficult to attend appointments at a psychology practice
  • You are living in another country and prefer to see a psychologist in Australia
  • It is difficult for you to leave the house as you are caring for an elderly person, a child or someone else who needs you to be there
  • You are a fly-in Fly-out worker and would like to access consistent support when you are away from your loved ones or times are tough.
  • You travel extensively for business and don’t have the time to attend face-to-face appointments
  • You are already seeing a psychologist at Baypsych and would like to have continuity in your treatment, even when you are away on business
Please Note: Online counselling is not suitable if:
  • You are suicidal
  • Your life or someone else’s life is in danger or there are concerns for the safety of a child
  • You suffer from psychosis or mania
  • You are under the age of 15 – (unless the appointment is arranged by parent or caregiver authorised to do so on your behalf).

Get Started with Skype

If you’re new to Skype, follow all the steps. If you’ve already got a Skype account, go straight to Setup. Or if you have already had your Skype setup before, go straight to the Setup an appointment section

Visit the Skype support section if you need help with setting up or using Skype.

Setup an Appointment

Please call our office during work hours.

  • Call Us

    Our friendly admin staff will book your appointment and take your credit card payment over the phone. A confirmation text will be sent to you.

  • First Appointment

    Once you’ve set up your first appointment, we will let you know the skype username of your psychologist so you can add him/her to your Contact List

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