Meet Our Psychologists

Our team includes male and female psychologists of different ages from a range of backgrounds. This ensures we always have an appropriate choice of psychologist to suit you, your needs, and your preferences.

Our Cleveland Team

  • Veronica Randjelovic Psychologist

    Veronica is an experienced and compassionate psychologist. Veronica’s career has spanned over a decade which has included experience working in rural and urban government positions as well as the private and corporate sector. Veronica is also a nationally accredited mediator.

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  • Bennie Emotional Support Dog

    Bennie is our beautiful resident emotional support dog. Bennie comes to work at BayPsych with his mum Trish on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You will find Bennie in the reception area and in some counselling sessions.

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  • Trish Baird Psychologist

    Trish works with adults, teens, and children at our Cleveland practice. She’s particularly passionate about helping teens with anxiety, depression, family and peer issues, school- and study-related stress, self-harm, and other problems.

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  • Dianne Green Psychologist

    Based in Cleveland, Dianne can assist you with various challenges, including anxiety, depression, grief, substance abuse, and pregnancy-related issues. She also provides couple therapy to help improve your relationship or overcome conflict.

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  • Margi Bennett Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

    Margi is a Cleveland-based accredited mental health  social worker who works with children, teens, and families. She has particular experience treating mental health conditions and helping young people and families build foundations to become resilient people.

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  • Dr. Lynn Olivier Psychologist

    Lynn works primarily with business, corporate, and community groups to facilitate powerful changes in individuals and in work teams. She does this working one-on-one and in groups with your team members and managers.

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  • Maria Einam Child and Family Psychologist

    Based in Cleveland, Maria has extensive experience working with and assessing children with learning difficulties, behaviour problems, and mental health issues. She provides parenting advice and programs for individuals and groups of parents. Maria has a particular interest in the disability sector and working with families who have children with disabilities.

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