Veronica RandjelovicPsychologist

    Veronica is an experienced and compassionate psychologist. Veronica’s career has spanned over a decade which has included experience working in rural and urban government positions as well as the private and corporate sector. Veronica is also a nationally accredited mediator.

    Veronica is passionate about helping people who present with a range of mental health conditions find happiness so they can reach their full potential. This is achieved by understanding the connection between mental health, health and well-being. Veronica assists adults, couples, families and teenagers (over 16) overcome Depression, Anxiety, improve self-esteem & confidence issues as well as provide support and strategies for Grief and loss issues, Trauma, employment difficulties, stress management and relationship issues.

    Veronica endeavours to create a trusting and positive relationship with her clients through rapport building and treating each client with respect, kindness and consideration.

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